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Me with my parents, my hubby, and awesome children after graduation. Gwen picked out the best dress and Soph spent a lot of time picking out the right collar shirt to match the bow tie :)

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I’m studying for the last final exam I will ever take. Tomorrow is my last day of college… ever. 

I’m studying for the last final exam I will ever take. Tomorrow is my last day of college… ever. 

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The best investment I made in college…

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When I forget to complete my homework…

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I passed my Geology Midterm!

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I just finished writing the past paper I will ever write for my college degree…

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If I stare at the screen long enough…..

…Maybe my computer will do my homework for me.

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When I’m feeling confident in Pilates and go for the hard pose…

Then I realize I’ve made a huge mistake….

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When people use big words to make themselves sound more intelligent…


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